HPA is administered by a Board of Directors and receives funding from the Federal Department of Social Services, the Northern Territory Department of Health and special grants from other Departments from time to time.

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to balance the pursuit of the community service objectives with the business objectives of HPA. A Not-For-Profit disability service such as HPA needs to achieve commercial outcomes as well as vocational, advocacy and other support outcomes for our clients. A strong financial capacity provides the means to achieve the social outcomes.

Sales from our core businesses, revenue from our fundraising department, financial support from charitable trusts, service clubs and donations help to bridge the gap between the cost of providing services and Government funding.

Board Members
Barry Thomas – President
Brendan Atkins – Vice President
John Yousef – Treasurer
Ian Amy
Jeanette Anictomatis
John Anictomatis
Paul Goggin
Sarah Bancroft